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About Hand Up Housing

What we focus on:

Faith based 501C3 non-profit that
follows Gods plan to help all
in need.

Provide no cost and financially assisted shelter & housing to Riverbend Area (Madison County) residents on a temporary basis and then leading to permanent housing.

Mission: Our organization will own assets and have the resources required to deploy when individuals, couples, and families need aid in relation to shelter, housing, and case management services.

Organizational Goal: 100% of all clients to obtain self-supported housing through long term case management services.  If our clients want it and are willing to work for it we will walk with them to help them achieve that success!




How will we do this?

First and Foremost, with God's blessing and through his will only is this possible.

With the use of monetary and in-kind donations we will own and operate buildings and structures for residential housing use. Asset types to include single-family and multi-family units. These can range from typical residential buildings to outside the box thinking such as office building and commercial building conversions. Each asset group/location will be specifically suited and designed to fit the client type

Duration of stay examples include: temporary shelter and housing (Emergency), short term up to 3 months, mid-term 3-9 months, and long term 1 year or more lease. Client type examples can include but not limited to: Men, Woman, couples, families with children, and clients of all local Riverbend Area nonprofits.

Why we started this organization?

My faith journey and the will of God, my Father, has moved me to use my years of experience in construction, housing, and non-profit leadership to provide to all people in need, the most needed basic requirement for life. Shelter and Housing.


We do not provide a “Handout” and we are not a free government program. We are a “Hand Up” in life that some people never get due to many causes and circumstances. These hands are directly from God, our Father, and come through his divine intervention..

We are here to aid all people that want Self-Supported Permanent Housing achieve that goal and build them up to live the blessing of the American Dream of home ownership.


Ending of “Generational Renters” in our area. N.H.

Who will we help?

"I want to share my blessings with everyone who wants to
work hard and achieve more in their life and for their family."


Jason M Brunaugh

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