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From Our Founder

My journey in faith and the will of God, my Father, has moved me to use my years of experience in construction, housing, and non-profit leadership to provide to all people in need, the most needed basic requirement for life. Shelter and Housing.

We do not provide a “Handout” and we are not a free government program. We are a “Hand Up” in life that some people never get due to many causes and circumstances. These hands are directly from God,
our Father, and come through his divine intervention. 


Your help and effort in donating, networking, supporting, and volunteering is greatly
appreciated and is the KEY to blessing Hand Up Housing to get underway towards our mission.


#1 - A Seven-Year Plan for Madison County to Eliminate Shelterlessness and Alleviate Poverty and Homelessness

#2 - Pathway to Affordable Housing Program



Provide no cost and financially assisted shelter & housing to the Riverbend Area (Madison County) residents on a temporary basis and then leading to permanent housing.

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